Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beads 'n Judy.....!

The reason I'm doing these little squibs about people who will be teaching at the incredibly wonderful Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival is because I have to start teaching NEXT THURSDAY (groan) at university, and I want everyone who's thinking about registering (DO IT SOON) to have really good information.

As to Judy of the Beads:   Judy Pascale is a nationally known "Queen of Beads."  She can show you how to put beads in garments, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves, hats -- on and on.  And more than that, you don't need to prestring your beads.  If you don't know what I'm talking about:  Once upon a time, beading involves putting all the beads you wanted on the yarn before you started to knit or crochet (and hoping that you hadn't miscounted).  Judy puts an end to all of that -- you can add as you go.  It's wonderful and a little bit amazing.  She also is a gifted stitch maven -- there are courses that will permit you to make a stunning scarf (wavy, leafy, with beads), a darling evening bag or bigger purse, and a really magnificent vest.  Have a look.  Now I need to go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also for your information -- if you have been following the saga of the hopelessly boring garter-stitch papoose blanket for Milana, the beautiful daughter of my now-month-old niece in Minnesota:  I FINISHED IT and it's in the mail, with a cute baby-sized teddy bear swaddled and buttoned into it.  I even made him a crocheted scarf, as if a teddy bear really cares what  he's wearing.  All I have to say about that one is WHEW. 



  1. I am spreading the word about third coast, so I guess I'd better go ahead and sign up for my class. I am trying to decide between a Friday or a Saturday trek into the city. Classes start for me tomorrow, now that faculty inservices are over, my knitting time will hit the skids.

  2. HURRAH! This is so cool I can hardly stand it. I get it about knitting time, too. But then, we can knit in meetings and at lunch, etc. Consider driving to the ffestival both days -- parkign is easy and it's only five bucks -- plus, if you register for even one workshop, you get one day's parking card free. svb