Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Progress report:   Classes are filling nicely -- a really gratifying result for an old educator like me.  COOOOL.  Really cool.  Sign up quickly -- At this point, we still have a lot of open classes, but if we get the expected accelleration, they'll fill up and be gone.  POOOF.

I actually look forward to the post-festival period, when I can go back to talking about knit and crochet.  But for now: 

Have you considered attending the wonderful Melville lecture and buffet dinner on Friday night?   What better thing to DO on a Friday night?  The food will be good and abundant; there will be vegetarian options; and Sally's talk will be really really really thought provoking.  It's called "Why We Do What We Do:  The Importance of Hand Work."  There are a good many little-known facts about hand work, things that matter in our lives and in the lives of people we love.  So attend if you can; you can even buy the lecture without dinner if you prefer, though it would be a shame to miss all the good food.  You can knit.  You can talk with people and make new friends. 

Every major fiber festival has one of these keynote dinners, and I look forward to this one! 

There is also a FREE (no doubt hilarious) lunch time gathering on Saturday featuring Candace Eisner-Strick -- sign up for this one, too, on line. 

If you have already signed up for things, you can go back in, using the "Change" button on the web page.  AND DO NOT MISS THE MARKETPLACE!!!!!  25 or 26 fabulous vendor booths!

ADVICE OFFER:   If you need help figuring out which class or classes to take, consider dropping me at note at   artisanknitworks@comcast.net.  Tell me something about interests and level of competence (don't say youre a beginner if you're advanced!), and I can make suggestions.  Or have a talk with a friend and bring her or him, too.

Love to everyone.         svb

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