Monday, August 20, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Pictures

So I get back from the wonderful Allegan (Michigan) Fiber Festival late yesterday, car laden with STUFF (read on!), and this morning, we discovered that the pictures I took at both Allegan and at the amazing Marr Haven Farm (near Allegan) are nowhere to be found on the little camera thing-y.  Note the use of highly technical language.  Fortunately, Larry knows all about cameras.  But.  He swears up and down that the pictures are nowhere to be found, and I can't find them either.  RATS.

So let me share (finally) the pictures that did survive -- the ones I promised last week, from the Woolgatherers' Lake Huron Retreat, where members suffered through my two-day course in garment design.  What a gorgeous place!  I wish I could find a group of isolated cabins (with internet connection) along that same shoreline just north of Port Huron.  If anyone knows of a resort with some privacy and conveniences, let me know.  I would give my hind leg (metaphorically speaking) for a quiet place to write without interruption.  The shoreline is gorgeous.  You don't believe me.  Have a look.  You don't need to leave Michigan to find spectacular shorelines, with miles of clean, beautiful sand for walking and thinking:

And then there were the beautiful, beautiful Woolgatherers themselves.  Here are some of them knitting and knitting and knitting, right in front of the scene I just offered:

Wish the pictures were better.  When I figure out how to download some of the others, I'll slip them into this entry late.  For now, this is what I can manage.   GO to the Lake Huron Retreat Center in Burtchville sometime if you want a spectacular place to have a simple, quiet time with a group.


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