Friday, February 8, 2013

After Long Beach -- A Rumination....

You know, I have had a very hard time with Chinese productions. I am such a champion of American wares, particularly Michigan wares, that I have even sent yarn back to hand-dyers when I discover that the yarn stock was made in China. But I have finally made an exception. Trendsetter had begun distributing Lotus Yarns, which are thoroughly Chinese. I went back and forth, back and forth, and finally decided to ask Barry to tell me about the company. He has a very good friend, as it turns out, stationed near the factory to keep tabs on it -- he assures me that labor practices are not exploitive, that the animals are NOT killed in order to produce fiber (I was worried especially about the scrumptious 100% mink yarn), and that the chemicals used are no more harmful to the earth than those used in the United States or Italy. He pledges his word on this, and he is an honorable man. He wouldn't deal with an abusive company. So -- we have Lotus yarns, the mink and the bamboo for now, and more later, once I can afford to place the order. Just want to clarify why, suddenly, some Chinese yarns appear. svb

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