Sunday, February 24, 2013


Call the shop (586-871-2884) if you're interested in working with a fabulous young woman, Erin Moss, who is a licensed yoga instructor.....Erin is going to be teaching a SEATED version of yoga exercise designed for knitters and crocheters.  She specializes in exercise for musicians, computer workers, and others susceptible to upper-body stress.  So this should be fabulous.   It's ten bucks for a nice, long lesson at 11:00 on Saturday, March 3.   Again, call to reserve a spot.  It's filling up.   PS:  This is a personal joy for me.  Erin is the daughter of one of my former graduate advisees, Enoch Baker, who sadly succumbed to brain cancer a short time ago.  He would be thrilled to see his fine, fine daughter bringing joy and healing to other people.  

REVISION/UPDATE:   Erin is offering the seated yoga class every two weeks at the shop -- so call 586-871-2884 to reserve a seat -- for ten bucks a pop -- and we also will have her at the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival in mid-October for ongoing sessions.       svb

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