Friday, February 8, 2013

The Long Beach Adventure, Part I of 2

This past weekend, as many of you know, Larry and I blasted off (!) from Metro airport in search of Long Beach, California, by way of St. Louis. Southwest did its usual, fine job -- I do think it's my fave airline, though the seats keep getting skimpier on all airllines. Aisles are narrower too, each and every year. But I digress. The object of the game was the semi-annual TNNA convention (The National Needlearts Association), which is the big trade show for people who sell yarn, needlepoint and other embroidery supplies, knit and crochet patterns, and other fibery stuff. This time, we arranged two things in advance -- a romp through Barry Klein's amazing warehouse in Van Nuys, California -- the home of Trendsetter Yarns and the lines that Trendsetter distributes -- and some time with Larry's son, Bob, and his partner, Chris. They live in the San Jose area and were able to fly down to meet us for Saturday and much of Sunday. I will omit the fact that I left my luggage at the Budget Rental Car kiosk at LAX. Why dwell on evidence of COMPLETE STUPIDITY? Worse, I didn't tumble to the fact until we got all the way to Long Beach, after an entire day of frolicking (see below). The wonderful people at Courtyard Marriott arranged for a sedan to pick up the bag, which fortunately had NOT been stolen. Let's start instead with the trip to the Trendsetter warehouse in Van Nuys. Here, moving at about 5 mph, was our introduction to California (it's I-405):
Then we went inside this lovely building (they're much bigger than this -- just a front shot by one of the doors):
There, we found the fabulous Karolyn (Barry and his great helper, Heidi, were already at the Long Beach convention). Here I am in the vast yarn wonderland with Karolyn -- note that she is writing things down. She was having trouble keeping up. Sad but true. We had a shopping cart like the ones they have at Costco or maybe Home Depot.....I was throwing things into it....
and here she is in front of the BIG SHOPPING CART (isn't this just unbelievable? Under those bags of yarn is a MOUNTAIN).
Just look at the place! I thought I'd died and gone to putting an incurable alcoholic in a saloon and locking her in or something .....
Now I'm going to create a separate blog entry for the expo itself. Stay tuned. svb

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