Saturday, August 24, 2013

Announcing a Scarf Bombing.....!

OK, so here is something wonderful:  We will be undertaking a "soft opening" for the new location of Artisan Knitworks --  23616 Farmington Road in Farmington, MI -- sometime this coming week, I'd expect before mid-week (though we won't be entirely done, it's best to be open).  

But I want to have a Grand Opening the week of September 22-29.  We will be having ice cream and some daily drawings for prizes (many of them supplied by the companies that stock our shelves). 

Most important:  Please encourage everyone you know to make bulky-knit or bulky-crocheted scarves, at least 6 inches wide, in any kind of wool, wool blend, or good quality acrylic at hand.  They should be 5-7 feet long.  Any kind of patterning is okay.  I want to BOMB the entire area around the shop with the scarves, using them as strips -- could use helpers, too, for the bombing, on the 22nd or so.   These long strips can be fringed or not -- the plan is to have them up for the week all over downtown Farmington and then collect them again.  I will personally launder them by hand, reblock them, and deliver the entire bunch to Detroit Rescue Missions.   Winter is coming.  Each scarf used in the bombing will have a little tag attached with the maker's name and information about where it is going to go when we're done.

If you want to help us with this warming project, .LET ME KNOW.   We will be collecting the scarves at the shop.   Pass the word.

LATER NOTE:   We have scarves piling up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   svb


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