Thursday, August 22, 2013

another rumination......

So we're well on our way into a new space, with a gorgeous, gifted new staff (thanks, Teri and Lana and Carolyn and Holly and Nancy and so on and so forth!) -- we even have volunteers from the neighborhood popping in the door and asking what they can do to help -- and today, while I was not much good in the shop (I am not recovering well from the extraction of SIX teeth last week), still I was struck all over again when I walked in the door and saw the amazing rainbow of wool (Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill, in every conceivable color) that our volunteer, Mary, was arranging in a rainbow -- or rather three rainbows in three weights -- that there is something truly magical, almost mystical, about the ways in which wool, yarn, knitting, crochet -- LOOPING of all kinds -- bonds people together, forges community, creates love.  I don't know what explains this.  But it made me weepy today, and I don't think it's ONLY because I am feeling a little bit punk.  We took our staff to dinner last night, and I had the same feeling at the dinner table -- incredible comraderie, volunteerism, a sense of common purpose, an almost irrational willingless to work for truly crappy wages to make other people and ourselves happy.  And maybe a desire, in some cases subliminally, to connect with all of those men and women for centuries past who have made loops from wool and alpaca and cashmere, all over the world.  We should be ready inside a week -- call  248-427-0804 if you can't stand the suspense, sometime next week -- and in the meantime be sure to tell everyone you know about the Third Coast Festival.      Love to everyone.     svb


  1. Sandra, welcome to Farmington. It was my pleasure and joy to play with the rainbow of Shepherd's Wool. I've wished for a knit store in Farmington so that I could share my love of fiber with others, knitting together friendships--and here you are!

  2. PLEASE come in often, Mary, and just sit and enjoy. We have those sofas for a reason -- and I'd really like to give you a few free Knit-Togethers to partly make up for your amazing generosity. svb