Friday, August 16, 2013

Moving and the Allegan Festival

Well, today is the day Artisan Knitworks moves to Farmington Road (23616) in Farmington, MI -- the relocation company arrives this morning, and presumably we'll have a huge pile of rubble at the other end, as last time.

But tomorrow, I am stuffing Larry in the car and hauling him to Allegan to the Michigan Fiber Festival.   The mess can wait.  Allegan cannot.  If you have never taken the trip, for heaven's sake do it.  Vendors are wonderful, the animal sheds have splendid displays, and you can have lunch at a picnic table.   You can even buy some on-the-spot-fresh lemonade.

And of course I'll probably buy some new yarn for the new place.  Fittin' and proper.   Give us a week maybe and then stop by to see how we're doing.  We will have a wonderful new staff eager to lead social knitting groups and topical classes, or to help you find knit or crochet projects.  By mid-September we also will have  big piles of new stuff in the place -- and you can have a cuppa on our NEW out-back patio.

The new contact information is on the Artisan Knitworks website at "Contact Us." 


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