Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brief Note about Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival....

We have now removed several classes (almost all crochet) from the course listing.  Apparently crocheters don't take courses in the Detroit area -- which surprises me, since so many last year wanted us to offer some crochet courses.   But.   KNOW that everything that remains on the list is filling nicely.  If you are a crocheter, RUN, don't walk, to Lily Chin's Crochet Hints and Tips on Friday morning.   This is a once-in-a-lifetime course.   And -- this is a serious warning -- if you mean to register for the festival, don't wait much longer.   The reason:  We have maybe six workshops that are approaching the "full" point.  What an interesting thing -- on the one side, workshops are about to close, and on the other, a half-dozen bite the dust.  I suppose this is to be expected.  And don't forget Laura Bryant's amazing Friday night lecture about color and the fiber arts, the subject of her new book.  It will happen at a catered dinner -- but you can sign up for the lecture only.  Last year, the dinner was a signal event, really exciting!   Parking, of course, is only a half-block from the beautiful glass-and-marble McGregor Center.   See the website at     svb

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