Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Scarf Bombing....!

Keep the scarves coming!   They can be thick, short, long -- whatever.  Just make 'em warm.  We are going to use them for the grand opening of the shop (postponed -- YOU KNOW WHO, the person writing this note, hasn't yet managed to get the button room up and running) and wrap everything in sight with scarves -- and then you-know-who is going to wash and reblock everything and take them to the Detroit Rescue Mission.  I don't believe in yarn bombings where the knit or crochet work is wasted.  So -- keep going!  The pile is getting big.  I even have two hats that we can put on fire plugs!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bring to Artisan Knitworks LLC, 23616 Farmington Road, Farmington MI.  svb 

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