Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marketplace Only!!!

I just learned that you now can register on-line for the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival marketplace ONLY for five bucks -- on the Third Coast website, and also in the most recent newsletter, if you get it from Artisan Knitworks.   Here's the deal:  We are going to have a drawing -- you are automatically enrolled if you register for the marketplace.  The main prize will be a 50 dollar gift certificate at AK. 

So do it.  But while you're at it, have a look -- a good look -- at the lineup of workshops.  We have Lily Chin on crochet hints and tricks, design, and inspiration.....Laura Bryant and Barry Klein with four each of their legendary classes -- Candace Eisner Strick with her magical blend of expertise and humor -- Judy Pascale, the beading and shaping queen, with four great courses -- on and on.  I have been told on good authority that people who decide not to participate are exhibiting symptoms of senility or, worse, early insanity!!!!!!!!!!


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