Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Columbus HO! (also Columbus OH!).

TNNA | The NeedleArts Trade Show

This weekend, Larry and I and the wonderful Nick (who leads our Wed. night knit-crochet group) take off for a long day in Columbus, OH, at the TNNA trade show.   This is the big-deal expo where we can see what the various yarn companies are offering for the upcoming fall-winter season, and where we also can study designs -- I confess that I go mostly to see what is going on in the design and color world.  But -- we get to hug friends.   I also want to introduce Nick to a couple of particularly good friends.   He's there to help me select new, exciting goods for the shop.  He's young; I am (shall we say) less young.   But he's also there to study the scene:   I think that Nick will be a sweater designer before long.   

I will make report when we return -- I hope with some photographs, if the camera works this time.  I am not permitted to photograph the individual vendor booths (the show is huge, and much is copyrighted), but I can sneak some general views of the terrifyingly large market floor with my cell phone, I think.       svb

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