Friday, May 8, 2015

Give Thought To This.....You? Your friends?

A Special Note for our Friends
We have been saddened to learn that our wonderful shop manager, Ellen Taylor, has been forced by personal circumstance to accept a full-time managerial position in another industry.  For the moment, Sandra VanBurkleo will be stepping in to assume some of Ellen’s responsibilities and to take care of everyone most of the time.  Larry, of course, will be available as usual.   But we also need to hire one or two part-time people to work one or two days a week.  Yarn-shop jobs are never particularly lucrative.   But they are rewarding, and we do offer not only a better-than-usual hourly wage but also a generous in-store discount.  In exchange, the person needs to be at least an intermediate knitter with equivalent crochet skills.  We are looking for someone possessed of both ambition and modesty.  We expect our sales people to be non-smokers, eager to sell and learn, well informed about yarn and tools, cooperative rather than competitive, willing to help us maintain the store without complaint (who likes to vacuum?), and prepared to work evening hours if needed.   If interested, please call Larry, Ellen, or Sandra at 248-427-0804.  Please don't respond on this blog; it's better to discuss such important things in person.    svb

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