Monday, May 18, 2015

Sarah Peasley!!!

Only a few short weeks remain.   Go to our website, or visit your last issue of the Purl Daily (the Artisan Knitworks newsletter) for information about the two fabulous workshops to be held on Saturday, June 6.....Sarah Peasley will join us to teach a morning workshop on Entrelac, and then an afternoon workshop on Intarsia -- an updated, very exciting version of Intarsia (not Santa on a sweater, though you still can do that if you want!).   Free lunch if you sign up for both, plus a nice discount for the double-header.  

Be clear:   I offer courses as do some other very good people at the studio.  But, when we have visitors, it's because they do things that we do NOT do, or, in Sarah's case, do them better than we do.  Visit her website.       She will return in July and August, but with different workshops.    svb   

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