Monday, September 5, 2011

and here's a funny little Tunisian hat....

On Labor Day, what better thing to do than to cook up a simple little Tunisian crochet hat?  I've made five hats so far this weekend -- for sale in the studio -- and this one was kind of a lark.  Here's what to do:  You need one ball (less than 90 yards) of superbulky wool or its equivalent, if the yarn is very, very lofty -- I used Rowan "Drift."  It's working up at about .75 sts per inch on a size humungous hook (see the photos -- I think it's about a size S, an old plastic thing with a straight handle, and so suitable for Tunisian.....).  The body was worked sideways in a strip.  Chain 9.  Work Tunisian simple stitch for about 19 inches.  Break yarn.  Slip-stitch the two ends together, RS facing.  Decide which side is up (!!!).  On top side, single crochet in back loops all the way around, then decrease radically (1 decrease in every 3 sts over and over until you have only 3 or 4 sts left.  Fasten off and pull yarn end through the remaining sts.  Go to the other side, now designated "the bottom."  Work 1 round of single crochet all around; fasten off.  Darn in yarn ends.  Take a picture and put it on your blog!


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