Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea Party as Old Soviets???

I was hugely amused today, while re-reading Bloomsbury giant Leonard Woolf's little essay Principia Politica, written in the heyday of the anti-Communist witchhunt, to find sentences about the diabolical communists that sound, for all the world, like a critique of the Tea Party.  The 'enemies' list, of course has changed.  But I'm taken with Woolf's clear sense of the ideological importance of enemies' lists and the whipping of communities into a froth of hatred.  It's pretty ironic actually that Obama is being tarred with the broad brush of Socialism!!!!!  Makes me smile, though darkly.    Here's a sample. 

"The persistent appeal to communal hatred is one of the most remarkable features in Russian communism.  We have already noticed it in the use of ideology by Soviet rulers.  The theme is always an attack upon guilty men or guilty classes -- capitalists, kulaks, imperialists, war-mongers, Trotskyists, or some other species of deviationist.  The Russian people are subjected to an uninterrupted stream of what is now called propaganda.  It is an unending stream of incitement to the hatred of wicked people who are represented as the unscrupulous enemies of Russia and of the masses.  It is these capitalists or kulaks, imperialists or Americans, and their dupes and hirelings, who deliberately prevent the workers of Russia and of the world from attaining the Marxist or communist millenium.  Therefore the first duty of the good communist is to hate them and the second to liquidate them."


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