Saturday, September 17, 2011

Young's Jersey Dairy and YARN? A Travelogue....Part Two

....and, as promised below, here are the woodworkers' pictures, surrounded by the beautiful things they have crafted.

....and here is a spinner named Michelle who was simply SPINNING, smiling as if she had never been happier in her life, just to make everyone else smile.

I loaded up on some gorgeous felted bags (ready-made in my view for those who use circular knitting needles and other rounded tools) and smaller tool kits from an Ohio woman who also makes darling necklaces with pictures -- with slogans like "I love to hook" (!!!).  I bought at least a dozen.

And then I left.  This was a day trip.  Someday, it will come over me that women in their late 60s aren't supposed to drive 7 hours in one day.  But, until then, I'll continue to do it.  And of course, on the way out, I took another final, long glance at the huge tents -- and captured another scene that will never be found on the streets of Detroit.  Here I am, taking the picture of some parents taking pictures of children on a wondrous tractor:

Happy Knit and Crochet!!!   And thanks to Ohio for having such lovely weather today.   svb


  1. Aww thanks again for taking my picture for your blog (Michelle) and for your kind words. I was having a blast and that day was my whole second day spinning ever!

  2. WOW! I wish I'd known that. What a joy! svb