Monday, September 5, 2011

OKAY OKAY I can take a hint....!

OKAY OKAY!  What a lot of heckling friends!

Here are the other four hats -- cooked up especially for Labor Day, which, I'm pleased to say, is COOL instead of hot and humid.  All of them look too short and squat in the photographs -- my photography, I'm afraid, isn't professional.  But:

The first one is a crocheted Noro Kureyon thing (I don't like the hand of Kureyon, so I'm using it up on hats and other utilitarian objects) with two tagua nut buttons to conceal the beginning of rounds-- mostly puffs and half double crochet with crab-stitch edging.  The second one is also crocheted with a single strand of hand-paint that I bought eons ago -- hard to see the stitch pattern, but it's an open shell pattern.  The knitted terra cotta one is the same Rowan Drift that I used below to make the experimental Tunisian hat.  A simple box stitch with crocheted chain top-knot.  The last one is a triple strand seed stitch knitted cloche with a rolled brim -- 41 stitches, then 43 for the body, 7 inches worked even in seed, then decreased to 42 for the top, decreases in six wedges, initially of 7 sts each  -- three strands include a Plymouth wool-acrylic variegated and tweedy light worsted-weight yarn, the name of which is lost in the mists of time; a strand of Valley Yarns novelty metallic/mohair; and a strand of fluffy wool-acrylic two-tone yarn from Reynolds ("Main Street").  Crocheted pieces were done with my default hook (Size H).  Hats were done on 13's.

Wish I were a better camera-woman -- they all look better than the photos show, and are great fun to cook up. This has become a winter tradition at Artisan Knitworks:   I go on a hat orgy, everybody stays warm.  Except me.  I don't wear hats.  I have a natural 'hat' of nice, thick, gray hair.

So get a big pile of wool in colors and textures that you like and cut loose, blending yarns at will!


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