Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to the needles....! (and final note on Third Coast)

Coast stuff first:  If you are waiting for a parking pass to be sent by US Mail, you have important news in your e-mail, so CHECK!  It contains news of a new, improved parking system.  Or call 586-871-2884 for information. There will be a man standing at the entrance to Structure 5 to let you in.

But NOW (blare of trumpets):  I'm TIRED of not knitting, not talking about knitting and crochet, not being able to relax with wool and tools.  So here goes.  Today, I went through the studio and pulled a pile of handspun yarns (with a couple of handpaints to add texture and color -- two from the brilliant dyepots at Laura Bryant's Prism, one more from Trendsetter that didn't make it in the photo).  I'm still looking for a hank of acid green with some sheen that will draw it all to a point.

The idea is to create a couple of simple garments that will show people how to blend a nice pile of handmade yarns, particularly handspuns.  The trouble with handspuns, which I dearly love when high quality, is that people haven't the slightest idea how to use them, or even how they will look.  So they shy away from them.  If I can develop two or three simple patterns that will encourage people to make a trip around the place and make piles of them, with one base handspun in sufficient yardage to use periodically and especially at the front edges (to create even edges and symmetry), then I think appreciation for handspuns will increase.  So I am beginning with a small vest knitted side to side, I think in seed stitch (half-linen might be more fun, but it's slower going, and too slow for many knitters).  It has two slit pockets (easily done in a side--to-side piece, basically a big buttonhole at the sides a couple of inches from where the sideseam would have been).  I am going to start with the green tweedy wool made by Eileen McCormack, now of Wyoming, formerly of New York (it's the one in front near the bottom of the picture), and then just lay in different yarns, including the rare dash of the nubby yarn with clusters (Prism).  I'll leave the yarn hanging at the bottom edge after and before each row so that, when I'm done, I can tie it into a fringe.  Body without fringe maybe 10 inches.  I'll use Jean Frost's backward-setting shoulder seams (easiest here -- I can just work straight with all of these yarn additions and still have a back neck drop).  Then I'll find 5 small fabulous buttons.  Maybe an attached I-cord edging, depending on what it looks like.  Might not need that much -- we'll see.  It will need something at the edges.  CLICK on the sketch to see it better.

I'll keep you posted.   Enough is enough.   I need to stop worrying about Third Coast, which is doing JUST FINE, and get back into doing what I love.      svb


  1. Sitting here cheering you on in developing patterns to help people visualize hand spun in their projects!! Can't wait to meet you. See you soon.

    d/b/a It's Sew Ewe ;)