Monday, September 24, 2012

Third Coast next year's date

.....still incredibly sick, and not yet able to download pictures.  But let me tell  you what I loved best about the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival -- I'll finish when I feel better and have pictures at hand:

*  The way participants sat around the beautiful atrium of McGregor Conference Center sharing all kinds of new ideas and techniques -- a card weaver showing a knitter her work, conversation about how it could be a belt or a purse handle on a knitted bag, and so on....cross-fertilization!
*  The dozens of faces glowing, beaming, thrilled to death.  Some of these women had never been to this kind of festival before, and it was truly life-affirming to see those faces.  Maybe they'll go to Stitches now, or to the Madrona Festival, or similar events.  My fave is Madrona (Tacoma, WA).
*  The democratization so much a part of the event -- teachers with international reputations knitting in circles with students who had never imagined they'd spend time with famous designers....
*  The glorious market rooms -- dazzling displays of colorful handpaints, handspinnings, rovings, beads and buttons, garments -- on and on.  It took my breath away.


More later.  I really do need to take a nap.  Wretched virus.


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