Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photographs from Third Coast......!

Well, I still have a maddening cough -- but Larry has transferred a few decent photographs from my little camera to the laptop, so let me share some of the people, and perhaps you can get a sense of the airiness of the McGregor Conference Center atrium.  When classes were out, it was utterly jam-packed with people -- pure joy!

Click on photographs to make them bigger. 

Here is the amazing Sybil Williams at her loom, weaving a shawl that we actually auctioned off at the Saturday night reception:

Here are the people who made it possible -- Pam Champagne (seated, almost hidden, behind her sister Judy on the right) and the volunteer staff in "Knit-Wit" T-shirts......and then a shot of the amazing Judy Champagne -- all from the Champagne Nation:

Martha Kurtz (think of the needles as weapons) guarded the door to one of the big vending areas:

...Here is a long shot of the Artisan Knitworks booth (in the beautiful atrium -- we were shut out of the vending areas because -- surprise! -- someone who shall remain nameless neglected to write down all of the vendors !!!) -- and after that, a shot of the fabulous Rita Merino, the kid sister of Polly Esther Cotton (who lives in Chicago), with someone adding to her skirt:

Thanks to everyone who made this event so vibrant and life-giving!!!!   I'll try to write more, and tell you something of people's responses, when I'm entirely rid of this malady.     svb


  1. I loved participating as a vendor--such a pleasant facility and folks! Sally's presentation on Friday evening was great--so fabulous to see everyone so excited about knitting and handwork! Wonderful event and I'm looking forward to next year!!

  2. So am I, Jane. Let's all jump in now and tell me what should be done additionally or differently. Hugs to you. Stop by the studio sometime so that we can get to know you. svb