Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here's Rita Merino!  She will make her inaugural appearance in the atrium of McGregor Conference Center at the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival.  I'm including a photograph of her, profile and full-length, as well as one of the little sign she wore until I actually finished making things for her.  (Socks courtesy of the wonderful Elaine Clark). The vest is a side-to-side crocheted number made of Paton's SWS -- tagua nut buttons.  And no, there isn't a pattern -- just half-double crochet with crab stitch edging and side pockets.  Someday I'll write it down because it's a simple little thing, great with hand-paints.  Rita got an I-cord and rhinestone belt this afternoon.  At the festival, I'll introduce her at noon on Friday -- people then will be able to add whatever they want to her clothing -- strips for a skirt, patches for sleeves, flowers on surfaces, and so on.  There will be baskets and baskets of yarn, needles, and hooks.   It will be wonderful.  I hope our friends in the Windy City Knitting Guild approve of Polly Esther Cotton's kid sister!!!!!   svb


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