Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tomorrow's the big opening day, friends, so if you have been postponing registration for one of our incredible workshops, do it right now.   Three of the classes (2 of them Sally Melville's) are on the verge of closing..  Once we've opened on Friday, morning classes are closed; once noon has passed, afternoon classes are closed; and so on.

McGregor Conference Center is 1/2 block off of Cass Avenue along the Ferry Mall.  You can park in any of the WSU parking structures with your credit card.  And there is ample meter parking along Cass Avenue and elsewhere.  Be sure to ask us for a restaurant guide.

At the very least, come down and have a wonderful, slow walk through the atrium -- meet Rita Merino, add to her garments with knit or crochet, walk through the MARKET, which fills two big rooms, and sit 'n knit for awhile in the atrium.  On Saturday night, hang around for the amazing JAZZ RECEPTION, featuring Prof Chuck Newsome (WSU, Music) on jazz guitar, with some of his best students.   For the entire time, there will be demonstrations in the atrium!!!



  1. So am I. So far, only two disasters have happened, and one was fixable. svb