Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Off to Lake Elmo...

What a name!  Wasn't Elmo the God of Fire?  I honestly don't remember.  But.  If I were a small urban area in Minnesota, I wouldn't be caught dead being called Elmo.  Would you? 
Tomorrow, Larry and I drive off in yet another rental (POOR little Bug -- it's getting old -- creaks, groans, leaks, etc.) for two purposes, the first more important than the second.  First, I want to hug my nieces, two of them, but most especially Natalie, who has a need for me right now.....Because I"m downsizing soon, I will be taking my mother's silver chest to Natalie and then her China and crystal to another niece, Erin, if I can find the energy to wrap and pack it.  Right now, it's on the kitchen island.  It might stay there for awhile more.  I do NOT have energy.  Second, we will stroll through the Minnesota Shepherd's Harvest at a fairground in the aforementioned Lake Elmo...........which is near Stillwater, one of my all-time favorite places to be.  You can walk along the old, gorgeously wild St Croix River.  Stillwater is the oldest community in Minnesota; it's the place where I was baptized (Ascension Episcopal Church); it's where I lived until age 6 with grandparents and parents at 214 West Elm.  I can hardly believe I remember so much detail -- scary actually.  Age does concentrate the mind.  Larry and I will take pictures of the glories of Wisconsin and Minnesota -- including the festival -- and I"ll return anon.  In the meantime, go to the website -- -- and check up on the wondrous first annual Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival!!!!!!  coming in September, 2012, to a Detroit university campus near you!


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