Monday, May 21, 2012

Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival -- A Musical Note!

....late-breaking news (blare of trumpets):   Chuck Newsome, a jazz guitarist and member of the Wayne State music school faculty, will gather up two students that he plays with all the time and provide JAZZ for our Saturday night gala reception in the McGregor Memorial Conference Center atrium!!!  How cool is this?  He is tentatively scheduled to start at about 5:30 and continue 'til we're out the door, whenever that might be.  When the event approaches, I'll get the McGregor staff to provide some beverages, cheese, fruit, etc., for that event in addition to the Friday night dinner stuff, box lunches (for those who order in advance), and all-day refreshments.  For the gala, they are not able to provide wine (university rules), but WE can.   


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