Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Turkey By Any Other Name....?

...So once upon a time, long long ago, I went to the Wisconsin Fiber Festival (or maybe it was the Midwest Folk and Fiber Arts Festival that same summer?) and found a boatload of undyed, unwashed, barely spun naturally colored, HEAVY yarn in Ann Reiser's booth (her company is called Shepherd's Purse).  She is the one who makes our delightful felted mittens.  I brought the boatload home.  SOMEBODY, we won't say who, but his initials are L-A-R-R-Y, mispriced all of it -- twice (or more) what it should have been by misreading the invoice.  So of course it sat a long, long time.  Nobody will buy yarn that's marked 150 bucks for 9 ounces, and so on.  And it was dirty.  The longer it sits, the nastier unwashed sheep's wool gets (has to do with lanolin and organic matter).  Finally, I brought it home -- which, by the way, is how I discovered the amazing problem with price.  I washed it.  I washed it again.  I rinsed it twice.  Then I dyed it with Country Classics "Turkey Red."  So now we have Turkey + Turkey = Swan.  Two of the skeins had a LOT of natural white; they're the ones that picked up the red in quantity.  The others now have slightly modified dark brown (I love what happens when natural grays and browns are overdyed) with wonderful dribs and drabs of red.   With PROPER prices, they can go back on the shelf!   Click on the photograph.  Simple kettle dyeing is really fun.  But you need a HUUUGGGEE enameled pot.  svb

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