Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival -- plus Wooster!

This Sunday and Monday, Larry and I are going to take a small vacation.  Other people get to vacate, so now it's our turn.  For Sunday, we'll go to the Great Lakes Fiber Expo in Wooster, Ohio, a delightful town to the south of Cleveland.  This is the town I YEARN to revisit, not just because of the festival, which has over 80 vendors (most of them REALLY high quality), but also because of the darling Hungarian pastry shop and cafe in the nice downtown area.  They have GREAT espresso and amazing baked goods, the kind that make you fat but you don't really care......?

As to the festival:   If you haven't heard about it, please read the last six or eight postings on this blog.  I have been dazzled by the response.  We have over twenty vendors signed up, many of them from Michigan, but some from out of state (Texas!  Oregon!).  We have some of the best teaching talent in the nation (Melville, Eisner-Strick, Pascale, Peasley, Thies, maybe Nancy McRae from East Lansing, and a range of other fantastic local people).  We will meet for two action-packed days at the gorgeous McGregor Memorial Conference Center in midtown Detroit, on the Wayne State University campus (where I teach), there will be a yarn-bombing a couple of weeks in advance (you can participate -- just look for the announcement on this blog and on Ravelry -- and in the meantime make some LOOOONG knitted or crocheted strips in weather-proof yarn, preferably in bright colors!) on the campus.  There will be a jazz combo on the closing night of the festival in the Center's glass-y atrium.   And so on.

Stay tuned.


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