Thursday, May 24, 2012


Okay, guys.   Spread the word.  I now have permission to undertake a YARN-BOMBING BLITZ on the Wayne State campus maybe two weeks before the Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival occurs (the festival is September 21-22).  We will announce some sessions at our shop -- so look for announcements here and in the newsletter and on Ravelry.  You can bring yarn you no longer want, big needles or hooks, and join us in making colorful strips.  You can make 'em at home or in coffee shops.  You can do whatever you want -- but if you are making them in a group or something, do tell us so we can have a rough idea how many more we need to make.  When the time comes, we will announce a MEETING TIME and descend en masse on the campus, probably on a Sunday, when parking is the most ample.  Each one will have a little sign that says "YARN-BOMBING by knitters and crocheters, Third Coast Fiber Arts Festival, September 21-22, McGregor Conference Center."  Or some such thing.   I also have in mind inviting poor people to take strip-shaped objects down AFTERWARD and keep them for winter scarves.   So we will sew them on loosely. 

But we can make all kinds of shapes, so long as we stay away from City-owned stuff (like parking meters).  Here is a link to a Time magazine article.  If you want, go down to campus and have a look at the McGregor Center area, which is just a few feet off Cass near Kirby, roughly across from the law school's main entrance, or the many adjacent malls, for that matter.  We could make many shapes.  It's important only to remember that we can do no damage.   For amazing examples, look at,29307,2077071,00.html

Stay tuned!


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